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"Everyone is so supportive and easy going. Even though I'm a novice shooter I feel right at home.  And the food is absolutely delicious!"

— Sheryl E.
Many Jews secretly harbor an interest in firearms and shooting sports yet feel uncomfortable expressing that interest. Bullets & Bagels was founded in Orange County in 2013 to address that issue.
Every month recreational shooting events are scheduled at various ranges in the Southern California region. In addition to supervised target shooting, we often have a guest speaker, and vendors from various industries, including shooting and food, showcasing their products and services.  We also provide food and beverages and time to socialize and network.
The guest speakers are usually law enforcement, legal experts, educators, or military figures. Topics in the past have included firearm laws in California, home firearm maintenance and storage, current and future operational status of the U.S. Navy Seals, flight operations of Huey Helicopters during the Vietnam War, and an analysis of the Old Testament view of self-defense.
Come join our growing crowd and have a great time noshing, networking, and shooting.  See you on the range!
Several NRA-certified instructors volunteer their assistance and instructional help during these events, enabling participants to learn safe shooting techniques, enhanced marksmanship, firearm safety and defensive tactics.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To expand the organization to as many shooters as possible, especially to our Jewish brothers and sisters, in Los Angeles, Orange, and surrounding counties. 
To provide the Jewish community and others a comfortable, supervised, no-pressure environment to experience the satisfaction and pleasure of learning to shoot a gun and to hone shooting skills. 
"Throughout my years networking within and serving the Jewish community of Southern California I discovered that other Jews like me are interested in the joy of shooting but feel uncomfortable expressing that interest.  So I began Bullets & Bagels to address that issue."

— Fred Kogen, CEO and Founder

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We offer a comfortable and supervised venue for socializing, networking, eating quality food, learning about firearms, firearm safety, marksmanship and recreational shooting for primarily Jewish members. Although we’re focused on increasing Jewish participation in shooting practice and shooting sports, we are absolutely non-exclusive -- about 25% of our participants and members are not Jewish.

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