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Join us at FT3 Tactical for an evening of noshing, networking, and showing off your coolest firearms. Bring guns of choice you think are unique and worth sharing. For example, you may choose to show and tell your semi-custom, full custom, or historical firearms. Don't have a firearm or one you think is worth sharing? No worries. Come for the food, great people, and fun learning about the guns others bring. Spice up your Sunday evening with delicious deli food and a plethora of guns!
Guest speaker will be David Salvin, attorney and avid firearms collector. He will be showcasing Thompson submachine gun, Bren, BAR, Russian DP28, and H&K G36.  
This is a social event only. Shooting is not included. You are welcome to shoot your firearm at the FT3 range separate from the event. 
Event Includes:
- Event space
- Food and drinks
- Guest speaker
- Raffle prizes
- Unique firearms presentation


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Sunday, September 17 - Show & Tell Mixer | 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

FT3 Tactical | 8230 Electric Avenue, Stanton, CA 90680 | (714) 677-2841