Why Become a Member?

By becoming a member of Bullets & Bagels you will be helping to support the mission of the club, which is to provide the Jewish community a comfortable, supervised, no-pressure environment to experience the satisfaction and pleasure of learning to shoot a gun and honing your shooting skills. You will also procure the following benefits.

Become a Member

Member Benefits
  • Reduced fees for event participation
  • Priority notification of planned events
  • Priority access to event registration
  • Eligibility to purchase club member-only gear and apparel
  • NRA Club liability insurance underwritten by Llyods of London
  • Bullets & Bagels mug (a must-have item!)

Membership Terms

  1. Annual dues for Bullets & Bagels membership is $100 per person plus applicable processing fees. (PayPal or credit card processing)
  2. Annual membership fee is non-refundable.
  3. Annual membership fee renews on the member’s initiation date.
  4. A sixty (60) day grace period will be allowed to renew membership.  Members who do not renew their membership will have their membership canceled and be deemed non-members sixty (60) days after their annual renewal date.
  5. Members-only are allowed to register for an event during an initial period after event notification.  The event registration will be opened to non-members based on space availability, after the initial members-only sign-up period has elapsed.
  6. A non-member participant will be charged a $30 premium plus (+) standard member event fee.
  7. If a non-member joins Bullets & Bagels club as a member during an event, the $30 premium paid for that event will be applied to their membership fee. 

Become a Member Today!

"I'm always surprised and impressed with the line up of guest speakers and partner companies and organizations Bullets & Bagels assembles at its events."

Francisco O.

"I love the comraderie and how experienced shooters help the beginners. Everyone is out there to have a good time. "

Neil G.

"I have been to various shooting events and I can tell you Bullets & Bagels is unique.  There's no other club that offers the combination of shooting fun, food, and great atmosphere of people."

Robert S.