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8 Student Max.

Sunday, February 18 - Pistol 1.5 Course | 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Evan's Gunsmithing Shooter's World | 1637 N Brian St, Orange, CA 92867 | (714) 283-5248

This course is designed to focus on the weaknesses of your shooting skills. Whether it's your trigger pull, sight alignment, reload, or draw come to this workshop to work on these fundamental skills before you advance to the next level of pistol training. Our highly qualified NRA instructors will work with each of you on your techniques.  


Many of you requested this class in order to gain the confidence to graduate to the next level of training.  Do not miss this opportunity to improve your shooting skills.  


Class is limited to only eight (8) students. 

Topics covered will include:
- Fundamental Marksmanship/Warm-up (including sight alignment and trigger control)

- Speed and Tactical Reloading

- Point Shooting 

- Retention Shooting

- Double Tap

- Failure to Stop

Required Equipment:
- Cleaned and lubricated pistol and at least two magazines (If you do not have a pistol one will be provided)

- 200 rounds of ammunition (more is better) ***NO STEEL CASE OR STEEL CORE AMMUNITION***

- Eye and ear protection (range has both if needed - cost not included)

- Range appropriate attire (t-shirt, long or short sleeved, closed-toed shoes recommended)


Carla Young

Gus Themaras

Erik Sawiak


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