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Sunday, December 17 - Pistol II Course | 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Evan's Gunsmithing Shooter's World | 1637 N Brian St, Orange, CA 92867 | (714) 283-5248

Range facility is located on the grounds of West End Gun Club property

This course is designed to build upon those who have graduated from a basic handgun training class. Topics include reloading, both speed and tactical reloads, movement drills, one-handed shooting with both the left and right hands, point shooting, retention shooting, failure to stop drills, and cover/concealment. 

Topics covered in class will include:
- Marksmanship/Warm-up (including sight alignment and trigger control)

- Speed and Tactical Reloading

- Movement Drills to work on stability and peripheral vision 

- One-Handed Shooting

- Point Shooting 

- Retention Shooting

- Double Tap

- Failure to Stop

- Cover/Concealment 

Required Equipment:
- Cleaned and lubricated pistol and at least two magazines (If you do not have a pistol one will be provided)

- 100 rounds of ammunition (more is better) *NO STEEL CASE OR STEEL CORE AMMUNITION*
- Eye and ear protection (range has both if needed - cost not included)
- Range appropriate attire (t-shirt, long or short sleeved, closed-toed shoes recommended)

Carla Young

Gus Themaras


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